Understanding Projector Screens

If you work with a projector, you should have a projector screen. Some people argue that having the screen is equivalent to using a wall, but this isn’t the case. There are plenty of benefits that come with having the screen instead of a wall:

Advantages of the screen

Smooth image: When you use the screen you tend to have a smooth, crisp image. The reason for this is because the screens have a vinyl coating that allows the projector’s light to be reflected back to the viewers. These sheets come in handy and significantly affect the picture qualities such as contrast, brightness, and viewing angle.

You can move them around: In addition to the units giving you a better view, they are also easy to move around; therefore, you can use them even in areas without walls.

Types of screens

When you are looking for the screens, there are many of them that you can go for. Some of the best ones are:

Fixed-frame: A fixed-frame screen features a screen material that is stretched over a metal frame. Since you don’t have to roll the fixed screen up and down, you can maintain a tight, tensioned surface to provide you with a completely smooth image. The fixed units are also easy to install as you don’t have to connect power to them.

Motorized: Also, known as retractable screens, these units are ideal for the movie time. The units easily roll up into a long metal case that you mount to the ceiling or wall. The most identifying feature of the unit is the case that houses a powerful electric motor that easily raises and lowers the screen at the touch of a button.

While the units are great, their main flaw is that they are more cumbersome to install. This is because you have to supply power to the electric motor. The units also feature a trigger input so that they lower themselves automatically as soon as turn on the projector.

Factors to consider when buying the screens

When purchasing the units, you need to consider a number of factors. One of these factors is the screen gain. This is simply the amount of light that is reflected back to the viewers. When the gain is high, there is more reflected light and as a consequence a brighter picture.

You also need to consider the screen color: This is solely dependent on your preference and the industry you are in. If you are looking for high-quality images, go with a white screen.

Catering Your Business Meeting

Business meetings can be tedious affairs, often taking up a lot of the day, but they are also the place where things get decided and offer a chance for team members to input their ideas over new products or services. The business meeting may elicit groans from those who have to partake, but they are a necessary evil. Instead of brown bagging it, what about a catered meeting that will give everyone something to look forward to and bring people together again in a less formal way–as they eat?

Most catering companies will have a dedicated menu specifically for the corporate world. They include things that can be eaten on the go, or hand held and of course they will also cater to sit down lunches or dinners as well, depending on your needs. The best part about having your lunch catered is that it arrives ready to eat when you want it to, no one has to leave the meeting to make or put the food out. It also doesn’t matter where you meeting is taking place. Your boardroom, outside or at a client’s place, it doesn’t matter to the caterer as it is their job to take your order to you at the specified time and location.

Catered food is known to be of high quality, because with so many caterers around, no one would ever order from one that had a bad rating either online or by word of mouth. You can also customize your menu to suit a specific theme or to avoid certain allergens that may make some people ill and of course there will be plenty of food to go around, and beverages like coffee and tea are usually also included in the fee.

About the fee–catering your office meeting is cheaper than you may think. It is hassle free for you and your employees of course but it is also better than asking your associates to bring out their own food at the appointed time. This means they’ll sit where they are and eat, but with a catered meal they will get up, fill their plates, chat with each other and eat in groups which is more conducive to the meeting’s overall feel once you get back at it after your lunch break.

Catering is something that has been done for years and something that corporations the world over swear by. Isn’t it time you looked into catering for your next meeting?

Why London Is the Best Place for Business

Most of us love travelling and there are those of us who look forward to moving to a new country or town so as to settle down and get that fresh start. If you are one of them, then you should greatly consider London as your destination of choice. There are a lot of great attributes that are associated with London and most especially if you are looking for a great working or business hub.

There are some reasons as to why London is so outstanding. They include:

It’s a large financial center

This is by far the greatest trait that London has for anyone who is business or work oriented. London is a financial center just like New York City. There are so many great companies that have invested in the here and they include multinationals. This makes it one of the most ideal destinations for one to really pursue a career since there are so many opportunities.


If you have ever been to London, then you can tell how diverse the people and the culture are. London has very friendly people. This makes it an open area of diversity in all aspects. There are lots of natural sites, historical and cultural sites that you can get a chance to visit while in London. Some of the great sites include The Tower of London, London Eye, Kensington Palace, Buckingham Palace and Big Ben.

Parks and open spaces

If you love the outdoors, then London is the best place to be. There are many council parks, royal parks like Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, Richmond Park, Victoria Park, Greenwich Park and many other garden squares and green spaces that the public is allowed to sample. This is a great way to relax after a day’s work.

City of professionals

In London, there are all sorts of professionals. There are accounting firms, legal firms, insurers, brokers and banks. The city actually hosts more than 480 oversees banks. This is the highest number in the whole world.


If you happen to be in an area that is heavily populated, then this may not be a very appealing trait for you. However, many people consider it a great part of what makes London what it really is. The population of London is increasing at twice the rate at which UK is growing. London’s population was 8.7 million in 2016.


This is a city that has a lot of activities going on and there is a lot you can do to remain entertained. The public transportation is accessible and you can get to most parts of the city very easily. London underground transit system or tube helps to transport 3 million passengers everyday.


The London wages aren’t new to anyone. They are much higher when compared to most countries today. This is one of the main reasons as to why so many people leave their homes and commute for so many miles so as to get a higher salary for their families. The average wage in London is 9.75 pounds per hour with minimum wage of 7.50 pounds per hour.


Apart from the public transport system that is very well established, London has the largest airspace in the whole world. Here, eight airports are accessible. Five of these have got high traffic. London’s Heathrow airport receives more than 75 million passengers annually, which makes it 5th busiest airport in the world.

Give the Best Appearance at Trade Shows

You don’t have to get it all in motion on your own for your trade show circuit. It is vital that you have a set up that is appealing, inviting, and draws a crowd to find out what you offer. It doesn’t make sense to spend hours at the events or weeks on the road for them not to have results that are favourable. You can get the best results with the help of trade show stand contractors.

They are experts with this type of designing, and they know what to offer that will get attention for you. They also know how to incorporate a variety of concepts, designs, and materials so you can set them up on your own. The last thing you need is something complex that makes it hard to work with them. You don’t to invest hours of time before and after each event to get this done.

The best trade show stand contractors realise your time is valuable, and they are going to help you with a set up that falls into place with ease. They also have great methods in place to keep items safe while being transported to the next trade show on your route.

Plenty of Options

There are plenty of options for you to think about when it comes to such assistance. You don’t have to spend lots of money either to get quality help. You should evaluate what is offered and make sure other businesses are happy with them. You need to avoid any entity with a poor reputation for what they deliver, missed deadlines, or being difficult to work with.

You will find most trade show stand contractors really enjoy what they offer and they want to see you succeed. They don’t view you as just another project, they see you as a person and they see you as a business owner doing all you can to get to know and to generate a solid customer base. They like the idea of being behind the scenes to help that dream come true for you.

See what they can Offer

Identify trade show stand contractors willing to give you a free consultation and to share with you what they can offer. Look closely at what they can create and if you love it, ask them to do it. Get the final decisions in place including the cost and the deadline and go from there. If you aren’t happy with what they can provide, you can either negotiate or you can walk away.

If you choose to negotiate, be specific about what needs to change. Perhaps you don’t like the colours or you don’t like the size. Maybe you aren’t confident in the set up and take down of certain pieces of the materials. It could be the price that has you holding back. Open up and share information and allow them to try to make some modifications that could seal the deal with you.

Be Proactive

Even though you are going to put the project into the hands of the trade show stand contractors, you need to be proactive. Make sure you respond if they have any questions or they tell you about any challenges. They may be on hold with the project until they hear back from you so respond accordingly. Help to look for solutions too if there are any barriers in the way.

Don’t feel intimidated because they have the experience and you don’t. This is still your project and a reflection of your business. While you certainly can’t micro manage the project or trade show stand contractors, you should feel that your input about all of it is being taken into consideration. Each time you put the materials into motion, you should be proud to do so!

Everything You Need To Know About Coveralls

There are plenty of reasons why you should wear coveralls. One of the most obvious is that they protect you from harmful products. Whether you are working with pesticides or in the construction site, the outfits keep you safe. The outfits also protect your clothes from getting damaged or getting dirty.

Tips to consider when using the outfits

To get the most from the coveralls, you need to use them properly. Before wearing them, always inspect them for holes, cracks, change in color, tears, and any other defects that the units might be having. To be on the safe side, you shouldn’t wear any damaged outfits.

When working, it’s common for the outfits to get damaged. Since you are looking to protect yourself, the ruined outfits won’t keep you safe. To be on the safe side, you should stop working as soon as you notice any defect.

If you have completed a project without any problems, you should clean the work wear and store it properly. Just like your other outfits, store the gear in a safe, dry place.

Tips to taking care of the outfits

For your work wear to last for a long time and give you great service you need to take good care of them. The first thing you should do is wear the right outfit for the right role. There are plenty of coveralls the market, but it’s good to note that the different units are designed for different roles. There are those designed for chemical use, others for fire use, and others for industrial purposes. Using the wrong outfit for the wrong role will result in damage. Always use a gear for its designed role.

As mentioned above, you should store your work wear in a safe, dry place after completing your work. Store the unit in a place free from insects. Also, store it away from the other clothes. This is especially if you deal with chemicals.

When you notice a problem with your clothing, fix it as soon as possible. This not only protects you from danger, but it also prevents the work wear from developing larger problems.


This is what you need to know about work wear. For the units to last for a long time, store them in a safe place. You also should use them for their designed role. In addition to this, remember to buy high-quality units from a reputable store.

Reasons to Choose Promotional Clothing for Your Business

So your company is growing and you have a number of employees and now you need to think about promotional clothing. This type of customizable clothing is used by companies in all industries from hotels and restaurants to delivery companies, shops, cleaning companies and so much more. There are so many reasons that you should be incorporating promotional clothing into your business without delay.

The first reason that you should be using promotional clothing is that it immediately makes all your staff identifiable. When you have a client walk into a store and they don’t know where to find what they are looking for, they can quickly pinpoint who works there an who doesn’t. The same applies at a restaurant or hotel, a guest can quickly identify personnel to get the service that they are looking for. When out on the road, clients can open the door with confidence to one of your team members because they are wearing branded clothing, helping them be quickly identified.

Next is that it promotes a professional image. Having all employees dressed the same will ensure your copay is seen in a very professional light. When you visit a hotel and the staff are all dressed differently compared to when you visit a hotel with employees all in uniform, which one stands out as professional to you? It’s easy to say the one with the uniform, because it does portray the positive image that you are looking to portray.

In addition to this, promotional clothing immediately increases your brand visibility. Everywhere your staff goes, people see them in their company clothing. The name is recognizable and helps future clients know who to call if they need a service or sell a product that they need. Interestingly, it can also spark conversation. So an employee travelling home on the bus in a promotional t-shirt, may find someone starts talking to them about their work or which branch they work in.

It creates team unity. It’s known that everyone wearing their own clothes can cause trouble in the office. You will have one employee that outdresses the rest, maybe they buy only the best brands and this can cause a rift in the workplace which you want to avoid. With everyone dressed the same, you can improve team unity and get everyone working together to improve productivity and costume service in the long run.

You get such a wide selection of promotional clothing that you can easily choose the right options based on your company and what you do. You may find that polo shirts for the summer and hoodies for winter is the perfect choice, or you may prefer a proper shirt and jacket for the winter to promote a very professional image.

The great thing about promotional clothing is that it doesn’t have to break the bank and you can work it into your budget. Depending on the number of items you are purchasing, your price will be determined, so you can work in buying more and paying a lower per item price to keep your costs down and also ensure you have back up clothing for when employees leave and new ones arrive.

Ensure you only buy from a reputable promotional products specialist that sells good quality products. Identify if they will provide you with samples of the promotional clothing you are interested in so that you can feel and check them in detail before making your final selection.

Make Your Brand Stand Out With Custom Apparel

A great way to get your brand to stand out is creating custom apparel! From polo shirts and t-shirts to jackets and sweatshirt – there are many styles to choose from. When creating custom apparel, one of the most important decisions you’ll encounter is which imprint method to use. There are many imprint methods that will help your company’s logo look fresh and distinct. If you’re wondering which imprint method works best, or what the difference between the two most popular imprint methods are – you’ve come to the right place.

The two most popular imprint methods are embroidery and screen printing. Each method is unique in their own ways and will definitely make your logo (or design) pop!

Screen Printing

Screen printing, also known as silkscreen, is the process in which your design gets printed on a screen and ink is then spread atop of the screen, leaving your logo printed on the shirt.

If you’re planning on purchasing a bulk order and are on a budget, screen printing would be the perfect imprint method! Screen printing is the inexpensive way to print your logo on tees and other promotional products.

Cost is usually determined by the number of colors used, the number of imprint locations, and how many pieces you’re planning on getting imprinted. The price breakdown is as follows:

The more colors used, the more expensive the cost per unit will be
Having more than 1 imprint location will raise the cost per unit
The more shirts printed, the less expensive the cost per unit will be

Although it may seem like this method is the way to go, this screen printing does have some downsides. For instance, printing on polyester can cause various problems. When printing on polyester, sometimes the ink will not set and will cause discoloration due to mix of colors from one print to the next. Because of this problem, printers will usually have a polyester fee that can sometimes be up to an additional 25% added to the printing fee.


Embroidery is a great way to make your logo stand out and look polished and professional (compared to screen printing). With this method, you logo will not only look polished but it will last for a long time.

With embroidery, it’s a relatively easy and fast process. Your embroidered will first digitize your file and input it into their embroidery machines to get embroidered. Most embroidery orders should take about 5 business days, but orders can sometimes be completed within 1-2 days.

The only problem with embroidery is that it can get very costly, compared to screen printing BUT keep in mind that you’re paying for a long-lasting quality made product. Some fees you may encounter are:

Digitizing fees (can sometimes be waived if your logo is already digitized)
Stitch count: the more stitches, the more expensive it will be
The more you order, the less cost per unit
Type of item being embroidered + location: If you’re planning on getting some hats embroidered, some companies may charge an extra fee per piece

In conclusion, both imprint methods both have their own pros and cons. Screen printing is a great cost efficient method when it comes to ordering in bulk. Embroidery is for those looking to make their logo look polished and wants their logo to look polished on their apparel for a long time.

Whether you decide to go with embroidery or screen printing for your custom apparel, I’m sure that your logo or design will stand out!

NYFifth.com can be your one-stop shop for blank and custom apparel, as we offer custom embroidery and screen printing on all apparel and accessories!

How to Build Your Brand Online

If you want to begin building your brand online, you must first decide what your brand identity is. When you are building brand identity, you should first place your priority on the process by which you conduct your business. Try to build an image of what you would like your company to appear to be, and how you would like it to appear to the customer. When you are trying to decide how to build your brand online, you’ll need to understand the basics. The basic image of branding is the ability to determine what the values of your company are. Your brand is the image given to the customer of what values your company holds most dearly. If your customer feels comfortable with the choices that your company is implying that it makes based on the brand image which was based on the values that your company holds most dearly, they may be more likely to buy a product or service from your company. It’s entirely possible, by the way, that your customer will make this decision about whether it agrees with your platform, in the span of a millisecond, when he or she glances at your ad or blog post written by you.

What are the core values that you want to project about your brand? It’s easier to figure out than you may think, because you already know. You just need to put it into words. Imagine yourself in an elevator, and the person who you most want to impress in the world is in the elevator with you. This person is one of your idols; someone who you would most like to become if you could improve yourself the way that you would like to. How do you sell this person on your product or service, in the time that it takes for the elevator to close, you both to ride a few stories down, to where this man or woman has to get off the elevator. Now you have just about fifteen seconds or so at least, maybe a minute and a half at most, how do you, in this limited amount of time, sell your idol on your product or service? How do you impress them in this limited amount of time? This mental exercise is not something that I made up, it’s an old sales exercise that allows you to come up with a quick and easy way to pitch your product or service in a limited amount of time. So the question is, what is your elevator pitch?

Once you figure this out, you need to think about what VALUES you found in the elevator pitch you created. Let me give you an example. You are standing on an elevator with Tony Robinson; a famous motivational speaker and writer, and you want to explain to him how you have this new product that can unlock ANYONE’S potential to make money online. Yes, you have found the way. Great. But the question is: what are your VALUES. What do your VALUES say about your brand? And how do you convey this message in a concise and direct manner. If you figure this out, you have made a significant step in building your brand online.